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Parent Communication.

Little Giggles provides many opportunities for parents to receive information on the progress of their children as well as details on other general activities occuring from time to time.


Daily Reports: A daily written report is prepared on each child in Little Giggles. This provides a parent with an overview of the activities in which their child participated in as well as meals, sleep, and toiletry. The teachers will also provide comments on the child's behavioral and learning progress.

Information Boards: These are located in each classroom as well as outside the directors office. Information is provided about upcoming events and community events. Individual classroom boards have lesson plans, class schedules, and attendance information.

Parent Conferences: At least twice a year, or more often by request, a formal parent teacher conference time is scheduled. This is to summarize each child's progress in detail.

Daily Feedback: These are daily communications between staff and parents in the morning and evening to provide updates on children's health, dispositions, etc.

Newsletters: Periodic newsletters are sent home to keep parents posted on school activities. These will be in each child's mail box.

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